New Car Protection Detailing

The purchase of a new car is no small investment, therefore adding a protective coating to preserve the fresh paintwork and interior is highly advisable. Protect your new vehicle with a professionally applied ceramic paint protection system that will maintain the glossy paintwork and make it is easier to clean.

Our fully trained detailing professionals have been applying ceramic vehicle coatings in the dedicated Premier Group detailing bay for a number of years. The team have tried and tested products from a range of manufacturers and are able to offer the very best solution for your vehicle with maximum durability.

Many dealerships will offer a protection package at the point of sale. Please remember not all protection services are equal. These protection packages are targeted upsell items for sales staff and are often used as a negotiation tool. The new car protection services at Premier Group are the highest quality and not a rushed add on service completed by over worked car valeters with limited products.

The new car protection service can include exterior and interior trim protection. The exterior protection services include ceramic paintwork protection along with protection of all exterior trim. Interior protection includes chemical protection of all seats, carpets and other interior services.

Enquiries and bookings are welcome for all makes and models and Premier Group can receive delivery of a vehicle direct from dealerships or via the customer. It is crucial the vehicle reaches Premier Group as soon as possible from purchase to minimise environmental paint contamination.

The new car protection detail service includes the following stages,

Cleaning & Decontamination

This process is still required on new vehicles as the paintwork must be professionally prepped to ensure the durability of the paint protection.  The vehicles is washed, rinsed and forced air dried. Silicone and iron contaminants are treated and removed.

Paint Preparation & Protection

Panels wiped for final preparation before application of ceramic coating at correct atmospheric temperature. Application of plastic and exterior trim to prevent UV degradation and discolouring. The protection must also allowed to fully cure.

Please see some images below of a new car ceramic paint protection applied to a BMW for a customer at Premier Group. The coating has ensured a high gloss paint finish and the customer has reported great beading in wet weather and that after rain, the paintwork looks refreshed even without washing.


In addition to the new car protection detailing service, Premier Group also provide a complete detailing service for cars of any age. The professional detailing team are able to provide a ceramic paint protection service for all makes and models. The process will involve a greater level of cleaning, decontamination and paint correction due to increased environmental contamination and paintwork defects. Find out more about the detailing services at Premier group here.