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5 Simple Tips To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Fuel prices continue to rise and motorists want to get the best economy from their cars as they provide essential transport to work and running the family around. There are a number of simple things, often overlooked, that can ensure you get the best fuel economy from your vehicle.

1)Accelerate Smoothly

It is ideal to travel at a constant speed, in the highest gear for maximum fuel efficiency. Travelling at 50mph is more efficient than at higher speeds and smooth driving will enaure best use of fuel.

2)Avoid Short Trips

There are many short journey made that do not need to be taken in the car. When possible why not get your comfy shoes on and get walking or roll out the pedal bike from the garage / shed. Better journey planning can also reduce the need for additional short trips.

3)Clear unnecessary weight from the car.

Many motorists are guilty of keeping unnecessary items in their cars. Clear out anything not required from your boot and cabin. The heavier a car the more fuel it consumes moving around!

4)Turn off Air Con

Air conditioning can reduce the efficiency of a vehicle and so if not required simply ensure the air con is turned off. That said, in warm weather an open window can also reduce efficiency.

5)Check Tyre Pressure

Underinflated tyres increase the resistance from the road and therefore reduce fuel efficiency. Check all tyres are inflated to manufacturers recommended pressures for best efficiency, handling and braking performance.

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