Effective brake performance is essential for safe motoring. If you are concerned about the performance of your brakes in or around the Cannock area please get them checked before undertaking more journeys and potentially putting yourself and other road users at risk.

Indicators a brake inspection is required

There are a number of signs to look out for to indicate that you may need a brake inspection. Remember some braking system components will wear out over time and quick action can avoid increased costs.

Grinding – as the friction linings of brake pads and shoes are worn down a grinding sound can be heard. This is likely to cause brake disc damage also.

Pulling – a car may pull to one side under braking. This is indicative of a faulty hydraulic component such as a seized caliper

Soft Pedal – if there is excessive travel in a break pedal than there is likely to be a brake fluid problem. This can be very dangerous and may be a faulty brake master cylinder.

Dashboard Warning Light – if a brake warning light appears on your dashboard, please call Premier Group. The warning light may be indicating a low level of brake fluid or low friction pad levels on brake pads. Quickly responding to the warning light can save money in the long run.

High Handbrake – pulling up the handbrake around 5 ‘clicks’ is normal. Many more than this and the handbrake needs adjusting. If the handbrake travel is excessive it can results in an MOT test failure

Spongy Brake Pedal – if air gets into the brake fluid of a vehicle then the brake pedal will have a spongy feeling when depressed. The brakes may also seems less responsive. Any sponginess in the pedal should be reported to Premier Group for investigation and rectification.

Squeaking & Squealing Sound – brakes may make a squeaky or squeal like noise for a wide range of reasons. Perhaps a brake caliper is not operating fully, brake pads may be excessively worn, a stone may be trapped under a brake pad or many other possibilities. Be sure to visit Premier Group to get such noises checked out to avoid potentially more expensive repair costs in the near future.

For all your car brakes in Cannock contact Premier Group in Hednesford on Cannock (01543) 426378.

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