Vehicle Diagnostics Cannock

Modern vehicles are very complex and often ‘flag up’ a problem by reporting a fault code or a warning light may appear on the dashboard. Some problems can also be obvious to the driver, with no visible dashboard warning fault. If you are a motorist local to the Cannock area Premier Group provide a complete diagnostics service for all makes and models. The experienced team are equipped with advanced dealer level diagnostics technology in order to identify and solve a wide range of faults.

If a warning light appears on your dashboard Premier Group are here to help. Avoid the often very expensive main dealer prices by calling Premier Group on (01543) 426378.

What is a diagnostics check?

Modern vehicles are controlled by an on-board computer known as an ECU (Engine control unit). This computer continuously monitors the performance of all aspects of the vehicle. Sensors feed information to this control system and when an issue arises, the ECU generates an error code and a relevant dashboard light can be illuminated.

Due to the complexity of modern vehicles there are literally hundreds of error codes that can be generated and these need to be interpreted by specialist diagnostic equipment. The diagnostic equipment is required to determine the extent of any issues beyond that of a simple warning light.

The state of the art diagnostics equipment and trained technicians at Premier Group can read the fault codes and carry out any necessary repairs to get you back on the road with a safe, reliable and optimally performing vehicle. There is no need to pay vehicle dealership prices – call Premier Group on Cannock (01543 426378.

Diagnostics underway in drivers seats
ADAS calibration being performed at Premier Group