High Quality Professional Detailing Services

Premier Group have a professional detailing service to compliment the complete car body repair service.

The dedicated Premier Group detailing team are qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of detailing. All makes and models are detailed at Premier Group including high value super-cars through to classic cars and highly valued family cars.

A range of detailing packages are available to suit the different desires and needs of vehicles each including professional cleaning and decontamination before machine polishing for paint correction and enhancement before protecting the paintwork with a sealant for long term shine.

The Premier Group detailing process takes place within a dedicated detailing unit. This indoor unit enables the highest quality of detailing throughout the year.

Premier Group have invested in a wide range of market leading detailing products to ensure the highest quality results for each and every vehicle.

If you want your car’s paintwork and trim looking fantastic and protected against all weather, call the Premier Group to discuss the perfect detailing solution for your vehicle.

Rolls Royce after detailing treatment