4 Wheel Alignment

Premier Group provides 4 wheel alignment for all makes and models at the car centre in Hednesford, Cannock.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is the accurate measuring and adjustment of the angle and direction of a vehicle’s tyres.

Why is wheel alignment necessary?

Wheel alignment is an important element of car maintenance. When a vehicle’s alignment is off, the tyres are not pointing in the same direction and so can affect a vehicle in a number of ways,

  • The handling of a vehicle will be compromised without accurate alignment.
  • Ride quality can be negatively effects and wear in suspension parts can be increased.
  • Tyre Durability. If a vehicles wheels are not aligned then tyres can wear excessively. Excessive tyre wear can occur on the inner or outer edge and once the tyre wear is significant the tyre will need to be replaced.
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency. Aligned wheels ensure optimal fuel efficiency with all wheels travelling in an efficient way.

What’s the difference between 4 wheel alignment and front end / 2 wheel alignment?

4 wheel alignment, as the name suggests, is the checking and correction of all 4 wheels. This is a superior service and ensures the very best service for Premier Group customers. 4 wheel alignment is especially important for modern vehicles with 4 wheel drive vehicles and independent suspension.

What 4 wheel alignment equipment does Premier Group use?

Premier Group has invested in the market leading Hunter Hawkeye Elite 4 wheel alignment system. The Hunter Hawkeye 4 wheel alignment is renowned for accuracy. The laser system measures 14 primary alignment angles including camber, caster, thrust line toe in and toe out. The measurements taken are compared with manufacturer’s data to ensure the perfect set up for customers of Premier Group.

How do vehicles lose their alignment?

Wheel alignment can alter on any vehicle, of any age. Common causes include hitting a pot-hole, impact from a kerb or general wear and tear. The need for alignment is not always obvious to drivers but some indicators may include, uneven tyre wear, steering wheel vibration or the vehicle pulling to one side.

If a vehicle has been involved in an accident of any type, the wheel alignment should be checked as part of any repair to ensure vehicle safety.

What are the benefits for 4 wheel alignment?

  • Your tyres will last longer
  • Your vehicle will drive smoother
  • Your wheels will be pointing in the right direction enabling you to cruise without constant steering wheel corrections
  • Your car will use less energy to move therefore saving you fuel
  • Your car will handle better, making it safer

How much does 4 wheel alignment cost?

Premier Group provides a free 4 wheel alignment check. Required adjustments cost £54 for the front wheels, and £54 for the rear wheels. (Please note, these charges are per axle and not per wheel).If no alignment adjustments are required then there is no charge and the customer can benefit from peace of mind.

Do Premier Group provide wheel alignment for trade and private customers?

Yes – Premier Group provide 4 wheel alignment services for both private motorists and trade customers. The equipment investment for 4 wheel alignment is significant and so not many garages on the Cannock area offer 4 wheel alignment services. Motorists can book direct with Premier Group and trade customers can also contact for available slots for wheel alignment services to be completed.

Book your appointment to have your wheel alignment checked at Premier Group using the Hunter Hawkeye Elite 4 wheel alignment system by calling the team on Cannock (01543) 426378.

4 Wheel Alignment Explainer Video

4 Wheel Alignment on Hunter Elite.
4 wheel alignment check at Premier Group