Air Conditioning Recharge Cannock

Make travelling more pleasurable in warmer months by keeping your air conditioning system working well.

It’s recommended that vehicle air conditioning be serviced every few years, to help clean the system and maintain efficiency.

Our Cannock garage can re-gas, service and repair all vehicle air-conditioning systems, to ensure you experience a cool vehicle temperature inside no matter how hot the weather is outside.

The air conditioning system of most vehicle pre-2017 use a vehicle air conditioning refrigerant gas known as R134a. This was found to have a lifespan of 13 years if escaped from the car air conditioning system. For vehicles since 2017 (and some before) the vehicle air conditioning refrigerant gas used is R1234yf. This gas has a lifespan of just 11 days of released into the atmosphere. Both gases perform very well within a vehicle air con system.

Typically a vehicle will require an air conditioning re-gas every 2 years. For systems using the older refrigerant (typically pre 2017) a re-gas at Premier Group costs £60. If the vehicle requires the newer refrigerant gas, a re-gas costs £120 due to the increased cost of supplies.

An anti bacterial treatment is also available for air conditioning systems at the point of re-gas. This treatment can prevent unpleasant odours that can develop in air conditioning systems. The anti-bacterial treatment is an additional £15 if required.

Please call the friendly team at Premier Group in Hednesford, Cannock for all your car repairs and servicing needs including air con re-gas services on Cannock (01543) 426378.

Air con machine connected to car
Interior of Mercedes with air conditioning