Tyre markings

How to understand tyre sizes

Tyres are a crucial component of any vehicle. Remember the tyres are the only part of your vehicle that is in contact with the road and being made of rubber, they will wear out. The rate at which your tyres need to be changed can vary significantly due to a number of factors including, driving style, inflation pressure, vehicle etc.

Premier Group provide a wide range of tyres for all vehicles. A common question the Premier team are asked by customers is; ‘what size tyres do I need?’

Many models of car are manufactured with a range of tyre sizes. For example a Volkswagen Golf may have 16″, 17″ or 18″ wheels fitted due to variations in specifications. Some vehicles may also have had a change of wheels after manufacturer further confusing the tyre size required or a vehicle.

The easiest way to determine the correct tyre size for a vehicle is to look at the side wall of the current tyres. Please see the image below to understand the markings on the tyre.

Tyres Markings Explained

If you require new tyres please call Premier Group on Cannock (01543) 426378 and provide the information from your car tyres as detailed above. The friendly team will then be able to provide and fit a suitable tyre to suit  your budget. If you are still unsure about the condition or size of your tyres please feel free to visit Premier Group where a member of the team will be happy to assist you in person.