The UK’s favourite colour for 2020…

The fashionable car colours for 2020 have been revealed by using the data from the 397,197 registered cars for the year.

The most popular colour for 2020, holding on to the title from 2019 also is grey. Grey cars made up just over 24% of 2020’s newly registered cars. This may not be much of a surprise as the Volkswagen Audi Group have a number of models which are popular in grey.

Second most popular was black, with white in 3rd place. This means that in 2020 over 61% of cars were either grey, black or white. It seems a shame that the vivid colours are not popular with so many colours to chose from, will we see another limited addition like the VW Harlequin?! Or will we see a return to popularity for Harvest Gold, Russet Brown and Almond Green?!

At Premier Group we match all paint colours from all manufacturers, a break from the regular grey, white, black and silver is always a welcome treat!

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