13 Bad Habits Mechanics Want Car Owners To Stop Doing.

Keep your mechanic happy by not doing these things…

1) Ignoring Engine Warning Lights.

Drivers will often ignore dashboard warning lights and continue driving the car as normal. Ignoring a warning light may risk significant damage to a vehicle and to your safety. When a warning light appears get your vehicle checked as soon as possible by the Premier team.

2) Putting Off Routine Servicing & Maintenance.

Modern vehicles operate within tight tolerances that means scheduled servicing and maintenance are more important than ever. Oil and fluid changes are not made up by mechanics – but created by highly qualified engineers at the point of manufacture. Skipping or extending the intervals between servicing and maintenance can lead to additional problems that generate significantly greater bills.

3) Ignoring Unusual Noises

Vehicles in a good condition do not make squealing, screeching, grinding, rumbling or clunking sounds. These sounds can be indicative of serious problems developing such as cam belt problems, failing water pump, engine bearing, serious brake issues, worn wheel bearings etc. If your vehicle makes any sounds or you hear anything unusual get it checked out sooner rather than later. Components that grind, rumble, clunk DO NOT fix themselves; and when they fail, can cause damage to other more expensive components.

4) Ignoring Smells

Similar to ignoring noises, smells should also not be ignored. Smells can indicate low fluid levels or impending belt failure. A burning smell from the brakes often indicates them not operating properly. None of these smells are normal and ignoring them will only result in higher repair bills.

5) Shopping Around For The Lowest Price

The prices for work can vary between garages due to a number of factors. The quality of parts used and the time and attention taken will vary. Shopping around for the absolute lowest price may seem a good thing to do, but can be a false economy when cheap parts are installed and work is rushed. You often get what you pay for and when it comes to your vehicle and your safety it is best to find a garage that believes in quality work at fair prices. Garages advertising crazy low prices will often need to upsell additional work to recoup the loss from loss leader prices. At Premier Group we provide high quality service at great value prices. We never push for none-required additional work and treasure our reputation for honesty and professionalism.

6) Avoiding Tyre Changes

Tyres can be expensive; but they are crucial to how your car interacts with the road. Leaving your tyres until they reach the absolute legal limit means potentially slipping the wrong side of the law and experiencing reduced performance from the low tread tyres. New tyres reduce breaking distances particularly in the wet. Ensure the safety of you and other road users by changing tyres at 3mm to avoid significantly reduced performance.

7) Ignoring Driveway Stains

Liquid stains on your driveway are a sign of fluid loss. This could be engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid or something else. Low fluid levels can cause damage and component failure. The fluids can often be identified by colour and feel. Motor oil is brown and oily. Coolant can be green, yellow, orange, red or blue and feels much thinner than oil. Transmission and power steering fluid is bright or dark red, although some power steering fluids are clear or grey. Fresh brake fluid is honey coloured, while older brake fluid is usually dark brown and not as oily as motor oil. Once fluid is identified, fluid levels should be checked and topped up with recommended fluid. The leak should then be checked by a mechanic to prevent further leakage and potential problems.

8) Providing Own Parts For Fitting

You wouldn’t take your own ingredients in to a restaurant yet people ask if they can supply their own motor parts. Car repair garages provide a supply and fit service to ensure the parts are correct for the vehicle and to enable warranties to be provided.

9) Telling The Mechanic What To Fix (And What Not To Fix)

Vehicle owners who try to dictate to a garage what to replace (and what not to replace) are all too common. The mechanics training and expertise should be trusted as they are the best trained and informed to diagnose and fix vehicles. The Premier Group team are highly experienced and will only ever recommend work if required. The business is built upon reputation with many motorists from across the Cannock area trusting the experienced team to maintain their vehicles to the highest standards.

10) Presenting A Filthy Car

The amount of rubbish and items strewn through a vehicle never fails to amaze mechanics. Mechanics share stories of having to dig through and work around fast food waste and rubbish. Vehicles can often be difficult to work on without the added hinderance of rubbish!

11) Withholding Information

Please share all information on your vehicle with the team. Pay attention to any issues and try to record any relevant information related to the potential problem. This will help the mechanics locate problems quickly and efficiently.

12) Not Driving Your Car

Cars were designed to be used and driven. Cars that are left for long periods of inactivity can lead to a variety of problems. If your vehicle has to be stored for an extended period please take necessary safe storage steps.

13) Putting Fluids In Wrong Places

Incorrect fluid filling is more common than you may think. Many of us will know someone who has filled a vehicle up with the wrong fuel, and under bonnet fluid mistakes are also fairly common. Take time to ensure the correct recommended fluid is used in the correct place. If you are in any doubt, simply ask one of the helpful Premier Group mechanic team to assist.

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