Wheel being balanced after new tyre fitted.

How much is a new car tyre?

One part of your car that is sure to need changing at some point is the tyres. The cost of tyres for your car will depend on a range of factors. The size of the tyres, type of tyres, how you drive and the intended use of the car are all considerations.

Budget Tyres v Premium Tyres

There are a number of budget tyres available in most modern tyre sizes. These low cost tyres can often seem great value, but can prove to be a false economy.

The budget tyres are often cheaper compared to the more expensive branded tyres due to the costly research invested by leading manufacturers. Serious investment is made into researching tread patterns and rubber compounds to create high performance and highly durable tyres.

Low cost tyres generally perform worse on the fuel efficiency scale. The increased fuel costs of budget tyres can often spoil the initial savings made when purchasing. The low cost tyres are also typically less durable requiring earlier replacement brining additional cost.

In addition to improved fuel consumption, high quality tyres also reduce road noise and outperform the budget tyres in performance tests including handling in the wet and braking distances.

Tyre Service for all vehicles

Premier Group are able to supply and fit tyres for a wide range of vehicles. The whole of market sourcing and frequent purchasing enables Premier to be highly competitive for tyres of all types. In a recent comparison with national tyre specialists and online providers, Premier Group were cheaper on tyres of equal specification for a range of vehicles including high performance cars, family hatchbacks and economical city cars.

Please discuss your tyre needs with the Premier Group staff who can help advise you on suitable tyres for your vehicle, needs and budget. Please avoid simply opting for the cheapest tyre available as this may not suit your needs and as detailed above; can prove to be a false economy. Call Premier Group for tyres in Cannock on (01543) 426378.