Volkswagen Audi Group EGR Valve Replacement – Seat Leon

How common are EGR valve replacements?

An EGR valve replacement is a common repair required. The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve controls the amount of nitrogen oxide emitted by recycling some of the exhaust gas back into the engine cylinders. The flow of exhaust gases through the component results in deposits of carbon and hydrocarbons eventually causing the valve to seize.

What are the symptoms of a faulty EGR valve?

Incorrect function of the EGR valve may cause erratic performance and a rough idle. The valve may seize open or closed causing poor performance. A constantly open EGR valve will mean a continuous flow of exhaust gases int the intake manifold.

EGR Valve replacement method & costs

EGR Valve replacement can vary between makes and models. The completed repair shown is for a Seat Leon at Premier Group mechanical workshop in Cannock. The repair included diagnostic and physical tests by the experienced mechanics. Once EGR valve fault was confirmed the valve was removed and replaced before completing diagnostic checks and clearing fault codes. A test drive completed the repair to ensure a well performing car prior to customer collection.

New EGR valve for fitting