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What’s the difference between mobile car body repairs and body shop repairs?

When you need a body repair to a car, you should consider more than just the lowest price. A car is one of the most expensive items a person owns and therefore when considering body repairs you should understand the different quality of repairs and the reasons for variations in prices.


Mobile car body repair providers offer a convenient service that can be completed at the customer’s home or workplace. This appeals to busy people; but comes with limitations. Mobile car body repairs cannot be completed in a controlled environment like a professional body shop. Mobile car body repairs have to be completed outdoors, often under a pop-up tent, to restrict the negative effects of the weather. At a professional body shop the environment can be better controlled with dedicated work areas and temperature controlled spray booths. For busy people, Premier Group have a fleet of over 20 courtesy cars and also offer a collection and drop off service making professional body shop services just as convenient as mobile car body repairs.

Training & Experience

The leading mobile car body repair brands are actually franchise businesses owned and operated by a single person following a short period (often a week) of training. During the training course the franchisee is instructed on how to prepare and paint bumpers and panels on cars. To master the art of preparation and painting from a single training course is simply not possible. At Premier Group we have many years experience and undertake update training as required. As with any trade, you never stop learning. When working with paints and chemicals, things can vary, the Premier Group expertise and experience are crucial to ensure perfect results each and every time.


The products used by mobile car body repairs services compared to a body shop can vary significantly. Mobile car body repairs are often finished with a single pack lacquer. This single pack lacquer is easy to use and will provide a good finish. However, the repaired area can begin to dull after as little as a few months. The single pack lacquer dries quickly which is why it is the preferred choice of mobile car body repair set ups. A professional body shop uses a two pack lacquer which requires a hardener to be mixed with the lacquer and takes longer to dry. This is the same practice used by original car manufacturers to ensure durability and finish quality.

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