Interior of Mercedes with air conditioning

Why is my air conditioning not cold?

Air conditioning was once a luxury only fitted to high end, luxury cars in the UK; but now most models are available with air conditioning. Cars may have a manual air conditioning system or climate control with air conditioning. Climate control allows the motorist to set a temperature for the cabin and the car will monitor the air temperature and operate the heater, blowers and air conditioning accordingly to achieve the desired cabin temperature.

When new, a car’s air conditioning can quickly cool a hot car in a matter of minutes, but over time this efficiency will reduce. The reason for the reduction in efficiency is most commonly the escaping of the refrigerant gas from the system. If you have AC in your vehicle then you may as well have it performing well! Perhaps you have had your vehicle for a number of years, or possible bought a second hand or ‘nearly new’ car? In each of these cases the air conditioning may not be working as well as it could as the air conditioning is an often neglected part of car servicing and maintenance due to its often inactivity for many weeks / months in England!

Premier Group provide an air conditioning re-gas service. This involves the removal and safe disposal of the remaining old air conditioning gas, and re-charging the system with fresh gas. An air conditioning system with fresh gas will provide a significant improvement in performance in most vehicles. A professional air conditioning re-gas (otherwise known as a re-charge) costs from £60. A visual air conditioning system check will also be carried out for customer peace of mind and assurance.

Find out more about air conditioning services at Premier Group including gas specifications and prices here.

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