Polished VW Golf R

Summer car paint protection

The sun is shining and seeing your car glisten in the sunlight is a joy for all car lovers. However, what damage is being done to your paintwork? Yes the car may be very clean…but this can actually increase potential UV damage from the sun. Most car owners recognise the benefits of adding a sealant to car paintwork for winter, but the Summer provides as many potential hazards for immaculate paint.

You wouldn’t go outside in the sun for hours without UV protection for your skin…or at least you shouldn’t!

The professional application of a sealant provides protection from the environment including,

  • Ultra Violet rays from the sun which can fade paintwork
  • Atmospheric Fallout
  • Acid Rain
  • Road Salt

The preparation prior to sealant application is crucial to achieving a high level of protection. Preparation at Premier Group includes complete cleaning and decontamination including tar removal and clay bar treatment. A professional machine polish by the experienced team enables paintwork to be corrected, including the removal of swirl marks and paint scratches. The polishing produces a deep shine.

Following extensive preparations Premier Group provide a range of high quality paintwork sealant and protection products offering between 6 months and 3 years protection. The duration of protection is best maintained through regular valeting with recommended products. In addition to the detailing services described above, Premier Group provide a valeting service for owners looking to maintain the protection and appeal of their car. Find out more about valeting packages at Premier Group here.

Find out more about detailing packages provided by the skilled professionals at Premier Group here including the sealants for shine and protection longevity.

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