Are stop-start engines more efficient?

Fuel economy is a major factor for many people when looking at buying a replacement car. Automatic stop-start technology are now increasingly common on vehicles from a range of manufacturers. Is this a great money saving feature; or just a way to ‘cheat’ the economy testing for vehicles?

How stop-start systems work

When a car comes to a complete stop the stop-start system cuts the engine. It then restarts when the brake pedal is released, the clutch pedal is depressed or the accelerator is pressed. The system relies upon the control unit ti detect when the car has halted.

Most cars with stop-start fitted have an option to disable it. This is normally via a button with the letter A on it.

The system was created to reduce fuel consumption and emissions when in traffic, stopped at junctions and waiting at lights etc.

Reducing fuel consumption

Does it work? In research carried out by the American Automobile Association stop-start systems were found to improve economy by up to seven percent. It is worth noting that this is up to 7% and was conducted on American vehicles that are often less efficient when idling compared to our UK cars with typically smaller engines.

Any fuel savings are welcome news to most motorists, and at any level can add up over many miles and years of motoring.

Improving fuel efficiency

There are many proven ways which we can all improve fuel efficiency without technological developments.

Drive smoothly – harsh accelerating and travelling at higher speeds uses more fuel. Driving at 70mph rather than 60mph will use nearly 10% more fuel.

Empty your boot – heavier vehicles use more fuel. Empty your boot and remove a roof rack to improve fuel efficiency.

Plan your route – avoid travelling along congested routes that require lots of stopping and accelerating. Travel at times when there is less traffic for a smoother and shorter journey time.

Regularly service your vehicle – regular servicing will ensure your car operates at its optimal efficiency and allows any potential problems to be detected early and avoided. Book your car service at Premier Group today on 01543 426378.