How to prevent scratches on your car.

That terrible feeling when you look at the bodywork of your car and see a scratch. Something many of us will have experienced; and something we would all like to avoid. A paintwork scratch on your car can be an annoyance and can lead to more problems including decreased value, potential long term problems with corrosion and rust.

Here are a few tips to try to prevent scratches on your car,

Park Cautiously

Car parks are a common place for car scratches to occur. Damage may be caused by people passing too closely to your car, trolleys, car doors opening and more. To minimise the risk it is sensible to park away from the bulk of other cars and always park within the lines.

Hand Car Wash

One of the most common causes of car paint scratches is incorrect washing and drying of the vehicle. The paintwork of your car is very delicate and can be scratched easily. Avoid automatic car washes that can cause damage by abrasive brushes. Also avoid the roadside ‘cheap hand car wash’ setups. These places often use highly concentrated chemicals that can damage paintwork and plastic trim but also the volume of cars can lead to grit becoming embedded in wash mitts and sponges which are then rubbed all over the many cars cleaned that day. A cheap wash can lead to more expensive paint correction costs.

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Drive Sensibly

Car scratches can occur whilst stationery in car parks, but also whilst we drive. Countryside roads can often have scratch risks including low tree branches and overgrown hedgerows. Avoid potential scratches when driving down narrow lanes by allowing plenty of room.

Paint Sealant

A good quality paint sealant that is correctly applied protects a car’s paintwork by creating a tough polymer barrier. A sealant cannot provide protection from car parking mishaps or vandal scratches but they do provide protection against UV rays and road salt. Sealant protected paintwork will also need cleaning less frequently as the dirt and grime will be repelled and rinsed with the rain.

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Professional Scratch Repairs

In the event of your car being scratched, contact Premier Group for a high quality car body repair. Minor scratches through to deep vandal scratches can all be repaired to restore a car back to its very best. Find out more about body repairs at Premier Group here.