Cars most likely to fail an MOT Test

All cars over 3 years old face an annual safety inspection known as an MOT test. These tests involve a variety of checks on a vehicle including lights, mirrors, seat-belts, wipers, exhaust, suspension, breaking efficiency and more. It is important to note an MOT test does not assess the general mechanical condition of a vehicle; it is a safety based check on that particular day.

Every year a Sunday newspaper analyses some MOT information to compile a list of most and least likely cars to fail an MOT.

Based on 2000 MOT tests, the car brand most likely to fail its first MOT test is Dacia. People may immediately assume this failure rate of 21% may be down to the build quality of Dacia, however it may also be due to the budget minded owners. The ownership profile of Dacia buyers is someone who loves a bargain and may not have a passion for cars. Based on this the failure rate may be more to do with a lack of maintenance and servicing. Other well known models that produced a high initial MOT failure rate were Citroen C4 (18.6%), Ford Galaxy (19.3%) and the Volkswagen Passat (19.5%).

At the other end of the spectrum is Lexus. More specifically the Lexus RX. Just 5% of these cars failed to pass their first MOT test. The 10 ten best performing cars are typically well-looked after privately funded cars including Mazda MX-5, Honda Jazz and high end company cars such as Porsche Macan.

When it comes to MOT test pass success its primarily not about the car; but more about the care of the owners.

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