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How to avoid finance and leasing penalty charges for bodywork

Leasing a vehicle is now a popular method of motoring. Contract hire deals are plentiful for both business and personal customers. The lease payments are determined by the predicted value at the end of the contract. This value is calculated by the car being under the agreed mileage, have full service record and be in excellent condition.

If the three requirements above are not adhered to then the leasing or finance company will charge issue penalty fees – and these can be pretty harsh in some people’s eyes.

Avoid penalty leasing charges for bodywork by following the advice below,

  • Do not ignore minor scuffs and scrapes

Finance and leasing companies do allow for “fair wear and tear” for the period of the lease. However, interpretation of standards can vary between leasing companies. Usually it will cost you less to have minor damage professionally repaired at Premier Group than whatever the finance company charge you.

Often the finance company will not fix the damage the customer is paying for; they just assess what they think the repair would cost. Many cars are sent direct to auction and the dealer will fix it. Damages can be disputed; but this can often be futile.

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  • Only use high quality, professional repair providers.

Repairs to any lease vehicle need to be done properly by a professional provider. The repair must meet the standard of the original vehicle; no bodge jobs will be accepted! A sub-standard repair will result in a penalty charge, often above that of having the job done right first time. Stay away from Uncle Pete’s repairs and avoid paying twice!

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  • Do not return a filthy car.

It is very tempting to return a filthy lease car as often you are awaiting delivery of a shiny new one. The inside and outside cleanliness of the car can affect the value of the car and so finance companies will issue penalty charges to recoup any potential losses. An interior that smells of smoke or dogs, or has stained seats will be charged accordingly. A professional valet combined with polishing services to eliminate minor scratches is a sound investment when returning a lease car.

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If you lease your car then please ensure you are aware of potential penalty charges and avoid them with some careful planning. Premier Group can provide a complete vehicle inspection to identify potential end of lease charges. As an independent business you can be sure of the correct advice around any damage identified. It is recommended leasing motorists book a pre-return inspection 10 – 12 weeks before the end of the lease agreement to ensure any required works can be completed in good time to avoid penalty charges.

Call Premier Group to arrange a pre-return lease car inspection on Cannock 01543 426378.

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