How much do car body repairs cost?

A frequently Googled question is ‘how much do car body repairs cost?’ This is of course a difficult question to answer as is ‘how long is a piece of string’. There will of course be many variables for car body repairs, especially after a collision, as there may be additional damage not clearly visible upon first glance. In most cars the radiator is located just behind the front bumper so in the effect of a front end collision it is essential all items are inspected along with headlights etc.

At Premier Group you can visit the car centre in Hednesford, Cannock where our professional estimators can assess the required repairs to any vehicle and provide a very competitive price for high quality professional car repairs. This way you can get an accurate answer to the question ‘how much do car body repairs cost’ in and around the Cannock area.

Premier Group body repairs services are provided for all makes and models. All customers are welcome with professional repairs undertaken for insurance claims, private repairs, lease cars, vehicle customisation, fleet vehicles, commercial vehicles and more.

To assist car owners with pricing for generic small car body repairs such as minor dents, bumper scuffs and scratches we have a simple car body repairs pricing matrix. Please find the pricing matrix on our car body repairs page here. Please feel free to look at the pricing matrix; but we would always encourage you to visit the body shop to allow our team to see the damage in person.

To not get car body repair damage repaired is in most cases a false economy. Not only do you have to drive around in a aesthetically worse car, but damage will often get worse when left. For example, broken bumper clips caused when a bumper scuff happened may result in the bumper being weakened reducing its ability to function. The bumper may also become dislodged leading to additional costs and potentially a dangerous situation. Paint scratches over time will also lead to rust and increased repair costs. The value of a vehicle with body damage will also be reduced as it may indicate hidden problems and an loved past.

When getting estimates for car body repairs please remember that not all repairs are equal. At Premier Group we are an award winning body shop delivering high quality work on all makes and models of vehicles. There are other body shops and car body repair providers that may offer cheaper (and also more expensive) quotes that may be inferior. Get it done right first time by using the team at Premier Group. For customer convenience we have courtesy cars and are also able to provide a collection service locally if required.

In addition to car body repairs Premier Group are a complete car centre equipped with a dedicated mechanical repairs workshop. This enables Premier to complete any required additional work on a vehicle following body repairs which may include MOT testing, new tyres, wheel alignment etc. The complete service provided ensures complete peace of mind and value for customers.

Many modern vehicles also now have high tech ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) including radar controlled cruise control, automatic collision avoidance and more. Following any damage and repair these systems must be recalibrated. At Premier Group we have made the significant investment necessary to have the technology and in-house expertise to recalibrate these systems for a range of makes and models. Find out more about ADAS at Premier Group here.

If you require car body repairs for any make or model please call Premier Group body shop on Cannock (01543) 426378 and arrange a free, no obligation quotation. Please also see the pricing matrix to give a basic understanding of the cost of car body repairs in Cannock.