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One colour cars!

When you order a new car there is often a vast array of available colours and combinations of colours, however that’s not always the case. There have been a number of cars released available in just one colour. See below a summary of cars released in a single colour. Many examples may have been repainted by owners to add some individuality.

Ferrari F40 – All 1315 cars were factory painted red. The paint was deliberately thin as an extreme weight saving measure. There are examples now painted and wrapped in other colours but a true F40 is red.

Porsche 996 GT3 RS – This hardcore track focussed Porsche could only be ordered in white. Customers did get to choose between blue and red wheels which were then paired with matching side graphics.

Ford Racing Puma – A limited run of just 500 cars, all in Imperial Blue. A rare site now with values shooting up.

DeLorean DMC-12 – This iconic car had body panels were finished in bare stainless steel. Some people may have painted them but this is rumoured to limit the time travelling capabilities.

Subaru Impreza P1 – Only 1000 of these Prodrive fettled Imprezas were produced, all in Sonic Blue. I wonder how many are left on the UK roads after over enthusiastic driving by under skilled owners?

Mini Works GP – A 2 seater version of the hatchback with the rear seats replaced with a stiffening bar. There have been 3 generations of the GP – but each in the same Racing Grey metallic colour.

BMW M3 GTS – A limited edition tuned M3 that had an asking price of £115K. The lightened BMW was painted in a non-subtle Fire Orange colour with black wheels.

Lamborghini Reventon – A matte paint finish to resemble a stealth fighter jet. Very of its time as the matte fashion looks to have left as quickly as it came in.

Porsche 911 Sport Classic – In 2014 Porsche created a retro style 911 that was only avaobale in Sport Claqssic Grey. The car also featured full length stripe graphics over the bonnet, roof and rear of the limited edition model. A steal when launched at £137K.